Whitehorse Quick Facts

  • Established in 1898
  • Population: Approx. 28 000
  • Nickname: The Wilderness City
  • Whitehorse is the capital of the Yukon Territory. It is the largest city in northern Canada.

Home to some of the most breathtaking scenery in Canada, Whitehorse is the capital of the Yukon Territory and the largest city in northern Canada. It’s nestled on the banks of the famous Yukon River and enjoys spectacular wilderness, which is surrounded by lovely mountains and magnificent lakes. Hence it is aptly called, the wilderness city – a wild playground!

Whitehorse got its name from the frothy white rapids that look like a horse’s mane, in the Yukon River, and its natural beauty is best explored through outdoor adventure. There are guided mountain bike rides, heritage tours, hiking or taking a stroll along the majestic Yukon River front. On the weekends most locals take off to the nearby mountains and lakes to make the most of Canada’s nature. We recommend taking a guided tour of Whitehorse to see more of what it has to offer.

Miles Canyon is one of the favourite attractions and hiking locations for tourists; while the gorgeous Emerald Lake offers a surreal scene with its brilliant blue and green hues. The city also boasts some fantastic downhill and cross country skiing with over 700km of trails! There are also over 6o parks and a ton of ice rinks around the city, offering visitors several exciting activities to choose from. Or you can do like the locals when going to Canada; explore the activities of angling or dog-sledding! The best travel directories will tell you that the Yukon Quest annual dog-sled race is an amazing event to behold. Check out our travel directory for Whitehorse at the top of this page for more info to help with your stay.

Whitehorse is steeped in history, being the site of major Gold Rush prospecting in the late 19th Century and they even found copper in those hills! In ancient times the Yukon was home to all manner of ice age creatures, from woolly mammoths to lions, and you can see fossils and discover their history at the Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre for art and culture in Whitehorse.

This small capital city has its own unique atmosphere. Indeed, Whitehorse is even home to its own Yukon Brewing company and the locals drink little else. You can take a tour there daily in the summertime to see for yourself. A tip, in the summer, daylight lasts up to 20 hours here! That’s plenty of time for you to get the most out of a trip to Whitehorse. Another icon that’s hard to miss is the S.S. Klondike, a paddle wheeler steam ship that was built in 1929 to move heavy loads along the Yukon. It’s restored and open to the public for free. If you like, you can do a self-guided tour of this charismatic old ship.

Seeing the beauty of nature in pictures is never enough, so book your outdoor adventure to Canada and visit Whitehorse for yourself to see how beautiful the scenery really is!


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