Victoria Quick Facts

  • Incorporated: 1862
  • Population: Approx. 345 000 (Metro)
  • Nickname: The Garden City
  • Named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom.

What makes Victoria unique from most other Canadian cities is the fact that it’s an island destination! It offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of cosmopolitan life. Being the oldest city in the Pacific Northwest, it has a charming history with a rich culture and is known as the Garden City. The city is also regarded as one of most romantic cities in North America.

Enjoying the mildest climate in Canada, Victoria is a year-round destination! It boasts some beautiful beaches and lakes, colourful gardens, gorgeous architecture, distinct culinary choices, an exciting nightlife, fabulous shopping, and a wide array of recreational activities and outdoor adventure. It’s not far from the ski hills as well so you can golf or go shopping and then head out for a ski in the afternoon. Actually, golfing is a popular pastime here, with no such thing as ‘off-season’! Check out our travel directory for Victoria at the top of this page for more info that may help with your stay.

Victoria’s Old Town by the harbour was a trading hub, a drawcard for miners and a thriving sea-port during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. A city rich in historical architecture, Victoria is a symbolic and impressive British Columbian city. The Empress Hotel is that famous building on the inner-harbour, scene of so many photos! Its shores and notable neighbourhoods are excellent for walking tours or you can view it all from a horse-drawn carriage. Victoria boasts more cycling routes than any other Canadian City, so those looking for the perfect adventure for them will find it all here. If you’re there on a rainy day you can head to the British Columbia Museum or the Bloedel Conservatory, glass canopy, at Queen Elizabeth’s Park; it’s full of exotic birds and balmy temperatures!

Victoria’s Butchart Gardens are absolutely stunning and renowned throughout the world for its floral displays, dining, sculpture and entertainment; it even has a tea-room, a children’s pavilion and carousel. Indeed, Victoria’s unique climate by the water allows flowers to bloom early and for long periods of time and the plant life sustained here is abundant and even rarely found in Canada.

Although Victoria is one of the most British-style cities in North America there is a new wave of younger generations making their home here and there is a large student population drawn to the University of Victoria and other colleges. This has created a bunch of funky shops and coffee bars. Micro-breweries and the restaurant scene offers something for everyone and it’s a great way to enjoy the picturesque city any time of day. We also recommend taking a guided tour of Victoria to see more of what it has to offer.

Victoria is a vibrant and post-card beautiful city and just waiting for you to explore!


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