St. John’s

St. John’s Quick Facts

  • Founded: 1497
  • Population: Approx. 200 000 (Metro)
  • Nickname: Sin Jawns
  • St. John’s is the oldest city in North America. And Water Street is the oldest street in North America.
  • St. John’s is the capital city of the province of Newfoundland.

An amazing experience awaits you in beautiful St. John’s, the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador. It is a top seaside destination and its harbour has been a popular drawcard for centuries. The city promises a seamless balance between nature and entertainment. It is situated on the Atlantic Ocean and the land here is dominated by spruce, birch and fir trees native to the region. The climate is again, quite mild here due to the Gulf Stream and despite some wild weather off the ocean, the summers are usually dry and winters are not as cold as some parts of Canada.

St John’s has a distinctive architectural style that was brought about by its old British colonial history and its fishing and ocean-going culture. It’s hilly terrain and streets are decorated by brightly coloured houses and there aren’t too many tall buildings to obstruct the expansive harbour-side. Tourist areas are just as brightly painted in the downtown area where you can find many shops and restaurants to explore. Check out our travel directory for St John’s at the top of this page for more info that may help with your stay.

If you’re into nature, you will especially enjoy the city’s stunning land and seascapes, spectacular hiking trails and the significant historical and cultural sites. On rainy days check out the Resource Centre for the Arts, the Museum of Newfoundland and Labrador or the Railway Coastal Museum. Sunny days call for a visit to Pippy Park, a local urban park at the city’s east end with heaps of things to do such as golfing, camping, walking and skiing. Bannerman Park is also an eye-opener being a pretty Victorian style park and it contains a nice swimming pool and playground for the kids.

As a city with easy access to wildlife and nature, many travellers to St. John’s rate the East Coast Trail as one of the best places to visit. The trail offers 540 kilometres of coastal hiking experience and wilderness adventure. Other popular points of interest are: the Signal Hill, a wonderful historical site overlooking St. John’s Harbour. The Cape Spear Lighthouse is another must-see favourite tourist spot. “The Rooms” with its extraordinary museum displays and beautiful view of the city are an acclaimed destination for travellers and so is Johnsons Geo Centre for its amazing and informative exhibits. We thoroughly recommend taking a guided tour of St John’s to see more of what it has to offer.

The city also has exciting entertainment, a lively nightlife, fabulous restaurants, delightful year round festivals and several relaxing leisure activities. So explore nature during the day and enjoy the sprightly entertainment in the evening. Bunk down a historic bed and breakfast, a boutique hotel or a larger hotel. There are even inns or rural accommodation to be found further afield. There are lots of things to do, see, and discover all at once in St. John’s!

You can easily spend a weekend in St. John’s but stay longer and enjoy relishing in this wonderful city at a relaxed pace.


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