Saskatoon Quick Facts

  • Established: 1883
  • Population: Approx. 300 000 (Metro)
  • Nickname: The Paris of the Prairies
  • Saskatoon comes from the Cree Indian name for the local Saskatoon berry – a sweet, violet coloured berry that grows wild.

This fast growing and welcoming city of Saskatoon is situated on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River and has been called the ‘Paris of the Prairies’ and the ‘Bridge City’ for its many pretty river crossings. The city covers both sides of the river to a mostly equal extent and the riverbanks represent the best of what it has to offer in terms of shops, restaurants, nightlife and day walks along the river trails. Things to do include hiring a bike to ride the many pathways or a kayak to scoot under the many bridges. And an icon you can’t miss is the Delta Bessborough hotel that overlooks the river; with its distinctive turrets it adds to the magical atmosphere of Saskatoon.

Saskatoon also boasts an array of cultural opportunities for tourists and residents to enjoy. From live theatres, music, and dance activities to a host of multicultural events and facilities. The MoSoFest is Saskatoon’s most diverse festival with heaps of different bands and venues. In winter there is the Potash Corp Winter Shines festival with ice parks, carving and soup making competitions. There are also astonishing historic and heritage attractions to be enjoyed here as well. Check out 33rd Street which is a wonderful secret to most where a variety of vintage and antique shops can be found. Two must-see attractions in Saskatoon are the Western Development Museum and the Broadway Theatre. The theatre serves wine and snacks and is a popular night out with an intimate vibe. In fact, the Saskatoon dining scene is expansive with a wealth of restaurants, delis and unique eateries to cater for every need – there are more restaurants per capita here than any other city in Canada! Check out our travel directory for Saskatoon at the top of this page for more info that may help with your stay.

You will be pleasantly surprised exploring the trails and sandy shores of Beaver Creek and Cranberry Flats. There is river cruises, skating rinks, hiking trails as well as the local favourite sports of hockey and football to enjoy. Meanwhile, the Saskatoon Gun Club offers a different level of excitement for those who love the thrill of a firing range. If you prefer a more laid back approach to travel in Canada, take a day trip southeast of Saskatoon to Little Manitou Lake that is saltier than the ocean and hailed as Canada’s Dead Sea for is healing mineral waters. Families will love playing and learning at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo or burning off energy at the Fun Factory or Wilson Entertainment Park. There are so many open spaces and activities to do when you travel to Canada and this is no exception in Saskatoon. We recommend taking a guided tour in and around Saskatoon to see more of what it has to offer.

Excitement abounds when traveling to a place such as this, so make sure you include Saskatoon in your next travel itinerary!


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