London Quick Facts

  • Settled: 1826
  • Population: Approx. 500 000 (Metro)
  • Nickname: The Forest City

London which is known as the ‘Forest City’ in Canada is a charming blend of old and new with a backdrop of greenery – and that is exactly what you will witness when you explore this beautiful city. History buffs will be enthralled with the Fanshawe Pioneer Village and The Banting and Eldon Houses with many stories to discover. Nature lovers will be amazed with the Thames River that passes through the city heart and its pathway system that stretches over 30 kilometres. There is lush scenery along the way such as Gibbons and Victoria Parks. Others will be captivated with the city’s modern architecture, downtown business buildings and older buildings such as St. Paul’s Cathedral Basilica. Kids will be enchanted by Storybook Gardens and East Park has go-carts, waterslides, mini golf and rock walls to climb. So listen to your inner child and explore London along with everyone else. We recommend taking a guided tour of London to see more of what it has to offer.

London, Canada, experiences a humid climate with hot summers and cold winters; a large variation in temperatures. The nearby Great Lakes and undulating terrain means it also has a variation in weather often. But there is plenty to see in rain or shine like the many festivals, sports, the McIntosh Gallery, Grand Theatre or the Museum of Ontario Archaeology. For a solo adventure or a romantic getaway to family fun, London is the perfect destination for escapade and relaxation. London is a city that is rich in agri-tourism, pristine natural conservation areas, a colourful entertainment scene, family-friendly parks and destinations, amazing museums and galleries, world-class theatres, exciting sporting events and great culinary places to choose from. The Budweiser Gardens is a large facility for touring entertainment and sports events. Check out our travel directory for London at the top of this page for more information on what to see and do while on your travels through Canada.

It’s a city experience with a small community atmosphere and the roots in its cultural heart are well established; new generations of musicians, artist and entertainers continue its artistic vibe. Come to witness one of the festivals like Snowfest, Sunfest, Rock the Park or Jazz weekends. Top it off with casual or fine dining, whatever suits your taste! The name of ‘Forest City’ comes from its 200 parks that London manages and there are big ones and small oasis as well. Places for skateboarders, dog parks and walking, running, biking or skating; it’s just the lifestyle of the place. And getting here is easy with an international airport, trains and buses connecting London to the rest of Canada and the world travel scene.

Visit London and you will be rewarded with an unmatched experience of outdoors, city sights and family fun!.


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