Edmonton Quick Facts

  • Established: 1795
  • Population: Approx. 1.050 million (Metro)
  • Nickname: E-Town
  • Edmonton is home to North America’s largest mall – The West Edmonton Mall.
  • Edmonton is the capital city of Alberta.

A fascinating and educational experience is what awaits you with a visit to Edmonton. The city is energetic and rich with culture and serves as a northern anchor city and is known as the Gateway to the North. Many large scale mining operations operate from Edmonton and it’s a cultural, governmental and educational city. Also when you travel to Edmonton, the place has been known as Canada’s Festival City too so there are several festivals all year round allowing you to explore and celebrate Western Canadian culture at the same time. So don’t miss out when you’re here!

Edmonton naturally sits on the North Saskatchewan River and is in fact the most northerly city in North America and has flat rolling topography. This means Edmonton has a mild and relatively humid climate and enjoys being one of Canada’s sunniest cities. The parklands of Edmonton are wonderfully sustained by this sunshine and they give the city a fine outlook over the river valley. The longest stretch of singular urban parkland in North America is found in its centre with an abundance of rare American elm trees along with a multitude of other beautiful specimens to behold. Active volunteers like to commit time each year to steward Edmonton’s parks and keep them clean and healthy.

A must-see during a visit to Edmonton is the massive West Edmonton Mall, which once held the title of the largest mall in the world. The mall is home to more than 800 stores, nine world-class attractions, two hotels, over 100 restaurants and is a huge employer of local people with its 23,000 employees. Just another excellent reason to visit Edmonton! Golfers are well catered for in the river valley offering extended play in summer and turning into cross country ski and skate venues during the winter. Other popular attractions in Edmonton include the Fort Edmonton Park which is a living museum, Winspear Centre, William Hawrelak Park, Great Divide Waterfall, and Alberta’s Legislature Building. Also don’t miss a stroll in the vibrant downtown area where lots of activities are always happening. A food guide to Canada will also tell you that central Edmonton has numerous pubs, hotel lounges and restaurants; as well as clubs and casinos which can be sought out after dark near West Edmonton Mall. We recommend taking a guided tour of Edmonton to see more of what it has to offer.

The science and technology world is also well embraced in Edmonton. The largest museum here is the Royal Alberta Museum with over 10 million objects to see. The Telus World of Science, northwest of the city centre, will let you explore exhibits on many interesting and science related topics for all ages. Inside is the Discoveryland for young visitors, the Environmental Science Gallery, and the Space Gallery. There are also special exhibits such as The Indiana Jones and the adventures of archaeology. So this is a place for everyone in the family to enjoy! Importantly, there is also an important museum for military history, The Prince of Wales Armouries Heritage Centre, which has its own theatre inside for visitors to learn more. Check out our travel directory for Edmonton at the top of this page for more info to help with your stay.

Edmonton is definitely worth visiting with all the magnificent wonders of nature, the gorgeous architecture and all the fun and adventure that lies within.


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