Charlottetown (PEI)

Charlottetown City Quick Facts

  • Founded: 1764
  • Population: Approx. 65 000 (Metro)
  • Nickname: The Birthplace of Confederation (The Charlottetown Conference paved the way to Confederation and the founding of Canada in 1867).
  • Charlottetown is the capital city of Prince Edward Island.
  • Charlottetown takes its name from Queen Charlotte, the wife of King George III.

Located on the southern shore of Prince Edward Island, the city of Charlottetown is a charming city beaming with rich and vibrant culture with style and character. The harbour town opens onto the Northumberland Strait and city is roughly V-shaped. It has a humid continental climate with mild weather due to the coastal location. Charlottetown is largely urbanised along the waterfront and is probably most well-known for the theatre mega-hit, Anne of Green Gables – the longest running musical in Canada.

But the city has so much more to offer – historic sites like Provence House, colourful festivals, beautiful golf courses, charming galleries, pleasant countryside, culinary delights and endless outdoor activities. St. Dunstan’s Basilica is a beautiful cathedral to see and there are specific historical and heritage tours you can take to see more of Charlottetown.

Blessed with the serenity of nature coupled with friendly people, this lovely city is the perfect place for walking, having a romantic escape, making a family getaway or for some outdoor adventures. The Victorian-era houses and buildings of the downtown area are a great attraction and the theatres here offer proud reminders of its most famous musical. The Confederation Centre of the Arts provides live theatre as well. In fact, walking tours are a great place to start in Charlottetown and there are fun street performances, music and demonstrations to be seen – especially during festival times like the PEI International Shellfish Festival. Boat tours are also an amazing way to take in the city sights and hit the markets for a taste of Charlottetown’s incredible fresh produce and ethnic cuisines. The town has a quaint oil and vinegar store where you can sample the delights of many creative flavours with excellent service and knowledge from the locals. We thoroughly recommend taking a guided tour of Charlottetown to see more of what it has to offer its visitors.

Charlottetown’s signature experiences include lobster fishing, trying a culinary boot camp, and the unique ‘Experience Prince Edward Island’ helping visitors make the most of an island vacation with the hands-on experiences and opportunities to interact with the fascinating islanders. There is an 18 hole golf course call Fox Meadow nearby in Stratford and for a treat take a drive to the red sands of Tea Hill Beach which is a great spot for a swim. You can bunk down after a big day at the Great George, Harbour House or Fairholm National Historic Inn. Check out our travel directory for Charlottetown at the top of this page for more information that may help with your stay.

At the end of your stay, you will surely bring with you an unforgettable experience and a great impression of this enchanting island city.


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