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We are the best online guide for people traveling to Canada. Whether you are visiting Canada for the first time or you have previously been to Canada, you definitely need a guide on some certain areas. Our services are 100% satisfactory, helpful and friendly.


To provide reliable and valid information, that will serve as a true guide to people visiting Canada so as to ensure their comfort and a successful stay in the country.


To ensure the maximum comfort of people traveling to Canada. In making this a reality, we offer a reliable and fast customer service response to any inquiry made by prospective visitors and ensure that all information provided by us is legitimate and valid.


We provide quality services to our site visitors which include valid information on:

1) Education: There is listing and updating of Universities and colleges for those interested in coming over to Canada for a study. Also available is relevant information about ESL and adult education programs in Canada. Through us, you will get desired information about schooling and education In Canada.

2) Sight seeing and Golf Courses: Here, we make available cities where by you can find fun, loving, recreational, adventurous, entertaining places and tourist attractions where you can spend your leisure or vacation. Also, we provide Canadian visitors with information on Golf courses in various cities.

3) Places to Stay: We provide valid information concerning the best hotels to stay in any Canadian city. The average cost of staying in any hotel for one night is $150. Also, there is an update with regards to good and affordable home stay facilities and Banff bed and breakfast.

4) Food and Drinks: With an honest urge to ensure that you enjoy a good treat during your stay in Canada, we provide details and locations of various good and affordable restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs.

5) Professionals: Yes, we listed them here because a problem might arise during your stay in Canada. If it is a situation that requires a lawyer, doctor or dentist, then be assured to find a reputable and qualified one through us. We provide information on these professionals so that it won’t be difficult for visitors or new Canada immigrants.

With ArriveInCanada, be rest assured of a good and successful stay in Canada. We are offering you the best service with regards to proper guidance on a comfortable stay in Canada because you deserve the best. Your maximum satisfaction and comfort is our paramount concern.

December 1, 2015 |