10 Things You Must Do in Halifax


Whether visiting or living in Nova Scotia, Canada, Halifax offers great adventures. With an abundance of things to do in Halifax, you will have an amazing experience. In addition to being the capital of Nova Scotia, Halifax has become Canada’s maritime commercial hub.

New Experiences in Halifax

Below are some suggestions for the best things to do in Halifax. Regardless where you go in Halifax, educational, fun, and rewarding experiences await you.

1.Outdoor Adventure – There are beautiful parks, piers, and docks around the natural harbor that connects with the Atlantic coastline. McNabs and Lawlor Island Provincial Park is located at the harbor’s mouth. There, you can hike, explore vast woodlands, and visit Maugers Beach Lighthouse.
Things to do in Halifax Canada

2.Halifax Citadel National Historic Site – Another great adventure awaits at this historic site. You can visit the Old Town Clock, the fortress, Georges Island, and the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge.

3.Lumberjack for a Day – If you really want to challenge yourself, consider visiting Timber Lounge Halifax. There, you learn how to throw an axe just like a real lumberjack.

4.Peggy’s Cove – This destination features an old lighthouse, brightly colored homes, beautiful granite bluffs, and more.

5.Halifax Public Gardens – Halifax has other things to do, including the public gardens. Magnificent fountains, statues, and Victorian horticulture are situated on 7 hectares.

6.Waterfront Boardwalk – Halifax has the longest wooden waterfront boardwalk in all of North America. You can take a stroll, visit the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, or go to the farmers market.

7.Maritime Museum of the Atlantic – If you are a maritime history buff, this museum is worth seeing. Along with an incredible view of the harbor, you will get up close to model ships, small watercraft, and various curiosities.

8.Art Gallery of Nova Scotia – Located downtown, this is ideal for anyone looking for the best things to do in Halifax. This museum features more than 13,000 pieces, including a permanent collect of visual arts.

9.Escape Artist – One of the unique things to do in Halifax is to visit Trapped Halifax, where you and a group of friends can experience the largest real-life escape room game in all of Eastern Canada.

10.Alexander Keith’s – Another one of the top things to do in Halifax is to take a theatrical tour of Alexander Keith’s Original Brewery. Actors portraying people from the Haligonian civilization from 1863 are there to entertain.

To learn more about the adventures that Halifax and other Canadian provinces offer, please visit our website.

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